About Us

The Roseman’s Difference



Community Based

Chemical Free


Our Vision

Unify our community to take sustainable actions with love, care, and integrity, for 7 generations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide therapeutic relief to the inhabitants of this planet.

While maintaining sustainability and improving the state of our planet.

We encourage a lifestyle based on intent and provide remedies for sustaining this lifestyle.

Our Story

Roseman's Remedies is a holistic wellness company specializing in botanical and fungaladaptogens. We started as a way for our community to have access to sustainable lifestyle and wellness remedies in 2019. When founder Martin Roseman started his professional journey as an Integrated Health Scientist.

Our values are centered on communal, environmental, and general wellness. Wellness can be defined as a state in which being healthy in mind body and spirit as the result of deliberate action. We provide lifestyle education, and products to assist with your deliberate actions!

We envision Roseman’s ro be essential to the development of our communities, enablingthem to have the longevity and provide sustainable relief to this generation and the many tocome

Meet The Team

Martin Roseman

Founder, Executive Director

As co-founder and executive director, holistic wellness has been an integral part of my existence. I was born with a desire to heal others emotionally, physically, and psychically in the least invasive manner. When i was a child I witnessed the waste of our culture with my own eyes in a metropolitan city. This led me to a life searching for sustainability and harmony with the earth. I discovered the beauty of plants, herbs, flowers, and fungi and their healing properties, and my interest increased.