A Field of Wildflowers in a Box

Every box of Roseman’s Remedies bath bombs contains wildflower seed paper, so how do you use it? After enjoying a bath with one of our bath bombs, plant wildflowers with our packaging in five easy steps! Our seed paper grows wildflowers that attract pollinators to your garden for a healthy harvest. If you’re not a grower, they benefit bees and butterflies just the same.

Curious how it’s done? We’ve broken it down for you into five simple steps.

Step 1: Gather the seed paper.

- First we need to get the seed paper out of the box and into our hands.

Step 2: Fill a pot with soil.

- Nothing will grow without a hospitable environment. Soil gives the seeds nutrients, moisture, and an environment to thrive in.

Step 3: Incorporate seed paper into soil.

- Use your fingers to work the seed paper shreds evenly into the soil. They should be roughly one to two knuckles beneath the surface of the soil. Make sure all seeds are covered with soil. Now grab your watering can, because the next step is...

Step 4: Add water.

- Add water to pot until soil is evenly moist and some water starts to drain from the bottom. Water the soil whenever it appears dry. Use the two-knuckle test to check moisture levels.

Step 5: Watch them grow!

If your wildflowers have adequate access to sun and water, you should see seedlings within 7-10 days. Tag @rosemansremedies on a picture of your seed sprouts to share with our greater community!

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