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The other night I was watching a documentary on Minimalism and something became very apparent to me. A majority of what many American’s purchase is due to someone advertising and convincing us we need it. That may seem obvious to some of you so here’s an example that makes it more significant: vinegar can be used to clean almost anything.

When I was young I remember seeing commercials on TV of Billy Mays making OxiClean look like the most important purchase I could ever make. I didn’t even clean or do laundry at the time because I was a child! The message sunk in though. They made it look so powerful, fizzing up and changing the colors of dirt stained cloth, like turning night to day. This is just one example of the countless cleaning products I constantly saw advertisements for. Where were the advertisements for vinegar?

When looking into this topic I found article titles like “95 Household Vinegar Uses”, “30 surprising Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar”, “101 Household Uses for Vinegar”. It’s crazy to think something could be so effective for so much.

Some of the things you can clean with varying proportions of vinegar and water/oil:


-wood furniture


-ink pen marks

-fruits and vegetables

-your car

-mineral deposits on shower heads

Some other more obscure uses:

-remove bugs from kitchen pantries

-keep a windshield from frosting

-whiten clothes

-keep red clothes from running while washing laundry

-keeping pests away from the garden

-changing the acidity in plant soil

While reading through that list I can picture a different name brand product that can be used for each bullet. So why do we buy all these things when we can use cheap and simple vinegar? Likely because we feel we need to buy the special stuff, it’ll work the best, take little effort, etc. So here’s the catch: most of this stuff is toxic, either to our health or the environment. Breathing and touching this stuff can upset our hormone balance, nervous systems, susceptibility to immune disturbance, etc. Even then the plastic spray bottles and containers they come in often end up in the trash because they’re so challenging to recycle.

I’m not telling everyone to ditch all their cleaning supplies and pour vinegar on our entire lives. What I intend is to spark thought. When we are buying something to make our lives easier or make it work better, stopping to question it. Do we need a cabinet full of cleaning agents or can we reduce it to a few bottles? Your wallet and your health will thank you when you begin asking these questions more.

Something I love about CBD and cannabis is that it is so versatile. It can be used to help with so many ailments. Feel nauseated? It can probably help you feel better. Feel anxious? It can help ease your mind. Have knee pain? Rub a CBD cream on the affected area and boom you may walk more comfortably again. So instead of having a filled medicine cabinet, we can create some more space thanks to cannabis. Buy products with eco-friendly packaging and you have a medicine that can can completely biodegrade and be safely recycled into the earth.

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