Burning Fat For Fun

As winter winds down, we are greeted by the bounty of spring. With sunshine, brings opportunity to enjoy the fruitful display of beauty given to us outdoors. After a long few months of netflix binging, video gaming, and uber eating, the tell tale signs of winter are peeking out. As cozy as the extra pounds have become, I know come summer they will only hinder me from confidently strutting into the summer of a new decade.

Now, I know working out isn’t always enticing but I’m in the market of making exercise enjoyable. By creating and exploring more amusing physical activities, it’s made “working out,” less of chore and rather something to look forward to.

There are an abundance of alternative ways to be active, but the key is to incorporate doing things you love. My favorite way to workout is with friends. It creates a space where I can be held accountable, and strengthen both my bod and my bonds. This past Sunday I had the pleasure of spending time with Roseman’s Remedies own - Amanda Ray. We busted out our dusty long boards, and checked out some of new businesses along the beltline. Not only had we been putting in some serious legwork and cardio, but we were having a damn good time doing it. Making fitness a social affair is just as effective as it is enjoyable. Following are a few ways my friends and I have found joy and success in fitness.

Join a community class or boot camp! Every Saturday at 8:30 AM next to the Old Fourth Ward skate park, Scott Hogan and Amanda Ray (two badass personal trainers) host a free boot camp where they offer various body weight circuits.

“The hack is to workout with other people. That’s the goal of our boot camp. Yes, you’ll improve your running mechanics, lose a little weight, and get stronger. But more than that, we hope to build a community of dedicated people who will form friendships that transcend the Saturday morning group. It’s not just about getting better, it’s getting better together.” –Scott Hogan

Rock climbing is an intrepid workout. It strengthens not only your body and your mind, it’s a great way to meet new people and it’s available year round. At any of the Stone Summit locations, you can enjoy your first visit for free. They have climbing for all skill levels, and the community of climbers is such a welcoming one.

Hit the roller rink! Nothing like a blast to the past when skating around the disco ball in a roller rink. As fun as blading around to your favorite throwbacks is, roller-skating is a killer booty and balance booster.

Get wet ~ Be it at your local gym, or body of water, swimming is a great full body workout that can be done solo or turned into a game with comrades. During the warmer months, kayaking is a glorious way to immerse your self in nature while being active. And no matter what season it is, sexercise is always encouraged for building endurance ;)

Get jiggy with it! Dancing is invigorating for the body, but it too nourishes the soul. Pump up the jam at a variety of gyms and studios in your area that offer affordable group dance classes, or throw on a YouTube video and get weird in the comfort of your own home! The beautiful thing about dancing is that you can multi-task while doing it. Turn your daily chores into your own funkadelic disco party.

Get OUTSIDE! After months of glum and gloom weather, most of us are lacking the proper amount of vitamin D our bodies need. Though our busy schedules aren’t always tailored for excess playtime, there is still no excuse not to get outside and enjoy the balmy cosmic weather. When time allows, make time to explore new hiking trails, hangout with dog owner friends, throw on your favorite playlist and walk around your neighborhood. Spring has sprung y’all, it’s time to treat our bodies to the love they deserve!

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