Introducing Kailey Fregd

Welcome to Roseman’s Remedies new series, Monthly Mystical Medicine. It’s such a blessing to be able to introduce myself to The Sustainable Self blog and as the Creative Director of this blossoming wellness brand. We at Roseman's Remedies all share the same common goal in regard to providing only the highest quality products and being able to play a part by sharing my own high-vibrational energy fills me with immense gratitude. 2019 filled us all with so many exciting ideas that have been manifested into fruition, so it's safe to say I am beyond ecstatic to be a part of such a community-driven company. Furthermore, allow me to share a bit about the being behind the words, and what is that I’m going to be offering all of you this year.

I am a 24-year-old nomad, who's been called to plant roots in the heART of the south. I’m an eccentric, compassionate, self-proclaimed young bath God, not to be confused with Goddess ;) Though I am a female, I possess quite a bit of masculine aspects. Here I intend to share some of the quirks that help me navigate the ever-changing cycles around us, from the perspective of both a masculine and feminine being. As we all hold both qualities, I hope to shed insight on the importance of balance between the yin and yang. You can look forward to monthly astrology forecasts, oracle readings, medicinal plant and herb information, or whatever my intuition guides me to share with the collective.

By holding this space to share with my peers, I am forming an information chain of open-minded frequencies. The goal is to shed light on non-traditional practices in which I’ve found sanctuary in times of turbulence. I hope to use the tools in my belt to build a space of belonging and love as we enter the new decade. 2020 is going to be monumental for the conscious collective, a time full of opportunity and mystery, and I’m over the moon to begin this journey with all of you beautiful souls.

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