Healing Saunas

Though there’s plenty of buzz around the benefits of saunas today. Human affinity towards sweating goes back thousands of years and this is encompassed in places like saunas, bathhouses, sweat lodges, and onsens. Across the planet these were commonplace for anything from daily routine to celebrating life events and holidays.

Today these observations are being compared with science. Let us look at some of physiologically effects a sauna. The body temperature changes primarily at the skin level, while internal temp typically stays below 100 degrees. Extra blood goes to the skin and away from internal organs. Pulse increases 30% or more and the heart nearly DOUBLES the amount of blood pumping per minute. Finally of course sweat comes with these temporary body changes- the average person releases a pint of sweat in even a brief sauna session.

When recalling the benefits of sauna we can gather from the above details: think circulation & heart health. Suggested benefits of saunas include faster muscle recovery, reduction of chronic pain/headaches, better cholesterol, and heart health. One thing that many people believe about saunas is that it aids detoxification.

Unfortunately for those looking for that effect, science has not been able to prove that significant amounts of toxins come out in sweat in a significant enough amount to make a difference. What may be more likely to assist the bodies natural detoxification is increasing circulation so that the body can move harmful substances more effectively… maybe.

In conclusion, there are some nice benefits that can occur from semi-regular sauna use. Science has found evidence in the favor of sauna environments however there is much more anecdotal evidence. Simply, people really enjoy using them and that in itself is a reason to try it out if you have not.

Another step in this direction, though not as intense, would be taking a hot enough bath to increase temperature enough to produce sweating. Many people enjoy hot springs for the benefits mentioned in this article plus the bonus of naturally occurring minerals in the water. If a hot spring isn’t convenient or realistic for you, one can produce a similar effect at home try using epsom salts or Roseman’s Remedies bath salts which contain minerals in the salt plus the added benefits of CBD.

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