Indoor Gardening for the Novice : Repotting 101

"Whether it is a small collection of potted window plants or a larger stand-alone piece, any home can benefit from the addition of house plants. Surrounding yourself with greenery is not only known to help lift your mood, inspire ideas and create a sense of calm, but plants purify the air around you by reducing airborne dust particles and removing pollutants.”

-Emma Sibley, Founder of London Terrariums.

As a Garden Center employee at a local shop here in Atlanta, I’ve had the pleasure of learning about and taking care of a variety of plants. In my day to day interactions with customers, the most common questions they have revolve around the process of potting or repotting plants.

Luckily the process is quite simple, and only requires a few tools and a bit of know how.

The first step to potting a plant is to of course, purchase the right plant for you. If visiting a local nursery or garden is not an option during this time of quarantine, there are garden shops and online retailers that offer delivery. Just be sure you do your research on the care needed for your new plant!

Most plants you bring home will come in plastic containers, these can either be placed inside a larger decorative dish or into a pot with drainage (which I prefer.) Whichever direction you choose, repotting the soil is essential to the health and longevity of your plant’s life cycle.

The step by step instructions following are for repotting an indoor foliage plant into a pot with drainage and a drain tray. The process is the same if you decide to keep your plant in its original container.



Filtered is personally recommended

~Soil + Fertilizer

I use Black Gold Natural and Organic potting soil + fertilizer from ACE, and an organic liquid house-plant food. The additional fertilizer may not be essential, it’s dependant upon the specific needs of your plant.

~A vessel for scooping soil

Any washable household item can be used for scooping and pouring soil. This goes for watering as well.


You don’t have to go out and buy fancy gardening gloves, but trust me when I say – gloves are damn useful. Your nails and hands will thank you.

~A Roseman's Remedies hemp pre-roll, some funky music, and a lotta bit of love!

Planting is healthy for the soul, it’s the perfect excuse to get your hands dirty, and have a little fun.


~A towel, broom, and dustpan for cleaning up your beautiful mess. :)

1) Fill chosen pot 1/3 full with fresh potting soil

2) Time to shake your new plant up a bit! Slide the plant from its current container and gently shake the plant, encouraging its roots to come along for the ride. With the help of your gloved hands, gently remove current soil and with your scissors, cut back any dead, mushy, discolored, or excessively long roots.

3) Next, place the plant in the center of the new pot, taking care to position the top of its root ball (the semi-solid mass of soil and roots) one inch below the top of the vessel. Fill the pot with soil, gently pushing the dirt down around the roots, leaving 1 to 2 inches of room between the dirt and the pot's rim.

4) Water your newly potted plant and place him / her in it’s new home!

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