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This week I had the pleasure of interviewing both co-owners of Roseman’s Remedies, Martin Roseman and Freddy Hernandez. Their answers were pleasantly surprising and I noticed some cool overlap in their thinking. In this post we will be sharing a brief taste of their minds and worlds. Soon to follow we will be doing a more extensive video interview talking about new releases and projects happening this fall. Stay tuned!

The first question: “What’s your favorite thing about cannabis?”

What came up as a theme for both was balance.

Freddy enjoys the “sense of rebalance in my body and immediate stress relief”. Martin’s answer was very reverent and nostalgic comparing cannabis to reflecting on feelings of a first love. He gave an example of how “especially in high school when I didn’t have much balance and peace of mind. I was really confused and distraught with my teen angst” he reflected on how cannabis “brought balance to those emotions and uplifted his spirits”. Cannabis for both is a tool that assists them to handle life from a place of calmness and ease so that they can move past emotions and circumstances that don’t serve them long-term.

“How does CBD help you do what you love?”

The overlap that I see in their responses is creating more comfort. CBD can soothe when living a big life can wear us down.

Martin said “it allows me to get the medical benefits from smoking marijuana without having to get the high from it”. As a busy business owner “getting high is an afterthought and the medicine became the forefront”. CBD allows Martin to create a targeted effect that produces “at ease to be productive in his day” along with being “comfortable with himself as a whole”. Freddy enjoys using CBD for recovery from exercise: “for the same reason I’d run an ice bath after an intense session I enjoy bathing in our muscle soothe bath bombs to really relax my muscles help them recover and reduce inflammation”

What do you see becoming available as more and more people know about and use CBD?

Both see CBD/cannabis being an ideal replacement for many things we currently depend on.

Martin is hopeful that CBD can be the bridge to cannabis becoming the “cash crop of the future” as people open their minds to the “medical, textile, monetary benefits” of the plant. After years of prohibition and strict limitations, CBD is creating and allowing more attention to be put towards researching and using cannabis. Freddy’s vision for the future includes CBD becoming established as “a better mediator to achieve homeostasis and/or pain management relief” in hopes that it becomes more “available than addicting prescription pain pills”.

Is there anything athletic or wellness related that you’ve been wanting to get into or try?

Both owners love being active and athletic.

Freddy’s answer was short and lighthearted, he is interesting in doing more biking, “it’s fun but also a great cardio exercise”. I pictured him zooming down the Atlanta belt line to make a bath bomb delivery. Martin’s response was more business-minded and he used this as an opportunity to discuss a narrowed focus for the company’s future. He said “We’re working on a line of products that are geared more towards athletes, recovery, inflammation, and pain relief”. He is an avid rock climber and so recently he figured “why not work within my own interests”. He is excited to offer products that “ease inflammation and injuries associated with athleticism”.

What changes do you see happening for the company in the next 5 years?


“With the cannabis industry rapidly growing I see Roseman's Remedies establishing a high standard for luxury therapeutic sustainable products. I believe that our extra eco-friendly attempts will set us apart in the industry and we will organically. This universe will continue to bring on blessings as long as we stay focused determined and faithful providing natural alternative remedies.”


“Overall I see our company becoming a pillar in the community, and a shining light that companies can do good and be good.” “We’re working on getting things more in-house and being more in control of our production and our quality” He can see us “growing our own herbs, hopefully one day growing our own hemp and/or cannabis.” He wants to continue to form intimate business relationships with distributors to “ensure sustainable production”. Finally community involvement is high on his priority list: “cleaning trash up from around multiple cities”, being a leading force to “cut back on waste in so many sectors of capitalism” and even eventually “run for some type of political office” to help “ensure and influence legislation for cannabis and herbal medicine as a whole”.

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