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Hello friends!

I want to start off my first official post by expressing immense gratitude to those who are tuning into this space of creative energetic expression.

(Be sure to peep the end of the post for suggested items and intake.)

Though I'm overwhelmed with love walking into February, January left me feeling a bit bogged down and overwhelmed. I was easily irritated and couldn’t seem to catch up on anything. In this feeling of just... bleh, I started asking myself - Why? What are you resisting that’s keeping you from harmony? The answer came to me in a sort of synchronistic way, as these answers usually do.

Being the total spazz I can be, I was moving at light speed trying to make an unexpected appointment, when I decided to throw on a podcast (instead of the new Mac Miller album that I can’t seem to stop listening to.) It was in this podcast, followed by unintentional conversations had, what seemed to be lacking in the haste of my days was self-compassion. I wasn’t taking time to detach from external stimuli and check-in on my own energy.

In my realization, I too noticed I had fallen short on my morning rituals which had become the groundwork of my days. After taking a few steps back to a more centered place, I feel calmer and better equipped to take on whatever it is that life will inevitably throw my way. By publicly sharing a snippet of my recent experience, I want to emphasize the importance of self-compassion.

The most nourishing thing you can do this month is to find stillness within. Be it yoga, meditation, or mantra, your daily practice will reap the reward as your priming system to be able to handle the expansion coming through the rest of the year. If sitting still isn’t your thing, make the mundane tasks of taking care of yourself a ritual.

Bless your food as you make it, fold your laundry with extra attention, take a moment before you walk into the world to focus on your breath and mentally note a few things you’re grateful for. It’s important to train yourself to calm your mind and release anxiety so you can continue to move forward towards your mission with grace and ease.

This month we welcome the fullest light of our lady moon the morning of the 9th, in my own sign of Leo. We’ve just entered Aquarius season, and it’s safe to say the free-spirited, social energy of the the airy sign comes as a relief from the pragmatic, more serious energy of earthy Capricorn season.

This full moon offers us the gift of utilizing the eccentric, relationship focused energy of Aquarius in correspondence with the playful, heart focused nature of Leo. It’s a wonderful time to make adjustments in the areas of performance, networking, and the contributions you make to both yourself and others.

As per tradition, I pulled an oracle card for the new month from my newest and one of my favorite decks, The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit by Kim Krans.

From The Animal Spirit : The Butterfly makes an appearance.

"The energy of the Butterfly is with us during periods of transition. Since air is the element of the heart, this change usually involves relationships. Since transition is accompanied by some amount of discomfort, be extra patient and kind during this time, especially if the Butterfly is you. Let solid friends and activities support you like a "cocoon." Committing to one daily routine done at the same place and time will do wonders for lifting a Butterfly's Spirit."

~ Suggested February goodies ~


Amethyst for it's ability to expand the higher mind, therefore enhancing creativity and passion

& Rose Quartz for it's connection to the heart chakra, allowing for emotional wounds to heal.

Bath Essentials:

Relaxing Bath Bomb (paired with Amethyst)

& Aphrodisiac Bath Salts (paired with Rose Quartz and self-love baby)


This is the podcast that inspired this post, and pushed me in a better direction. Do yourself a favor

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