Mystically Medicinal: Retrograde Update

Welcome welcome welcome, to this month's mystical medicine post! If this is your first time tuning in - I encourage you to read last month's article which will offer insight into what I'm delivering here now! As always, I'd like to thank you all for making space to read these little bits that I have the pleasure of offering. The feedback I had last month was so uplifting and encouraging, which I am inexplicably grateful for. Xoxo.

June has been so exceptional already, it is truly a vibrant month. It's a time that honors the LGBTQ+ community, through the commemoration of the stonewall riots, marking the month that gay marriage was legalized in the United States, this month is alllllll about liberation. From the Black Lives Matter Movement protests sweeping the nation to the single individual who gathered the courage to come out to their parents, now is the time for overcoming challenges and encouraging growth.

As our own Sun grows brighter offering us the warmth of Summer, the light within the individual is called to expansion. Keeping that at the forefront of your mind these next few weeks is important. Be a little kinder to yourself and others, there is no room for hatred or negativity.

Mercury kicks off the Summer Solstice turning Retrograde, today.

Back when God's and Goddesses were thought to be in charge of the affairs of humanity, Mercury shuttled messages between God's and the Mortals. He was and is still "the messenger." Ruling communication, expression, and intellect. A good rule of thumb with Mercury Rx (Rx=Retrograde) is to try to confine activities to those that have "re" attached to the beginning of a word: reschedule, repair, rewrite, replace, revisit, you get the gist. Because Mercury is in domesticated Cancer, this three-week retrograde period favors renovations and repairs in the home and garden and reparations in the family. The stigma attached to a Mercury retrograde is one that I find a bit humorous, because though communications are bound to breakdown during this time - there are still many opportunities for constructive use of this retrograde time period. It's a period in which we are able to take stock, examine, and assimilate our experiences over the past three months. Allowing you to take your time, examine the details, let others have their turn to speak, and giving yourself permission to just slow the heck down for a while. Congratulate yourself for getting up and showing up for yourself. Don't let the delay put you in despair. You will achieve your goals plus more. Keep going!!!!!

Sunday, June 21st marks a very significant day of the month because that's when the Sun moves into Cancer, marking the longest day of the year, and the first day of summer. Cancer season demands our focus be centered around the home, family, and femininity.

It's an emotionally charged month, beginning with an even more powerful New Moon (in Cancer) because it is also a Solar Eclipse.

Unlike the usual encouragement of new beginnings that a New Moon offers,

this New Moon is a safe time for reflection, patience, and nesting.

Feelings tend to run high during this time, so it's important to watch out for becoming overly sensitive, dependent, or needy. There's really no better time than now to get crafty around the house and tend to matters of restoration. With Mercury flipping his ass in reverse, accompanied by a waterfall of new energy, there are ups and down's to be expected. But let's look at the bright side, you've been lovingly warned. ;)

Neptune is slowing down and shifts into reverse on June 23rd, for the next five months. Neptune symbolizes fantasy, dreams, and illusion. Though her "official," title is the head of the Department of Avoidance and Fantasy, she also holds one of the most creative energies of the planets. During a Neptune Rx, it's time for the rose-colored glasses to come off and for the bravery pants to be put on. The veil is being lifted and Neptune's "backward," transit calls us to release illusions from the past so we can begin to heal and move forward to the next chapter.

It's not all doom and gloom though folks! Venus is beginning to speed up, returning direct and back online on June 25th. With Venus out of Rx, relationships and finances will become less past and more presently focused. Venus spends her energy supplying us with comfort, joy, beauty, and pleasure. She's the one in charge of the satisfactory behaviors we exhibit and surround ourselves with. Use her energy to indulge in whatever it may be that brings you delectation. For me, I'll be taking longer baths, dancing more, and showering my loved ones with adoration. Overall, I see these transits as an opportunity to take life a little less seriously and approach each day with a sense of renewal and compassion.

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