Sustainable Plot Twist: Throw Away More

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Detox. Cleanse. Purge.

These are buzz words in today’s media but what do they have to do with you? To create an example, this year I took some tips from Marie Kondo, the popular tidiness expert, and instead of trying to organize my overflowing closet with everything in it, I emptied it out completely, threw away/donated half of the stuff and then put it back in. During this process I saw how my unwanted clothes created cloudiness and confusion.

Results of the unorganized closet became clear:

-forgetting important items during travel and needing to buy extras

-“nothing to wear” when an event came up and buying something I’d wear only one time

-a never ending feeling of like others had better wardrobes than me

-accidentally buying duplicates or very similar clothing

This goes for closets of course but it also goes for any space that you’re responsible for in your life. Your refrigerator, office supplies, halloween costumes, your car, friend groups (maybe unpopular opinion- sorry not sorry), work space, YOUR BODY. There is this gunk-build-up phenomenon that happens when we lack clarity and intentionality. When our spaces are filled with things we don’t want, they stay like that no matter how much we add.

Since early on humankind has had an unending desire for “more”. More money will fix it, if I just had more time, if I was smarter, bigger, faster, etc. Consumerism chokes out our natural resources and it stems from this dissatisfaction and lack of gratitude. Many of us are not noticing what we really have, our blessings, our gifts. Imagine how much less would get thrown away if we really appreciated and used what we already have!

So I encourage each one of us to look at ourselves. Is there something we keep trying to add more to in order to feel happy? True happiness doesn’t come from what’s next it comes from what is. Pick something in your life that you’re dissatisfied with and try subtracting some things from it instead. This will create space for what you really want instead of what you may be tolerating.

Cleansing the Energy with a Bath

Wash away the day and release tension in your muscles with a bath using our CBD bath bomb or bath salts. This is great priming for doing some open and relaxed reflection. While you’re unwinding ask yourself these questions and notice if you see a trend:

1. What do I spend most of my money on? Is this really coming from necessity or is there a dissatisfaction within me?

2. What’s next on my wish list to buy?

3. When’s the last time I cleansed my body? Are there any unwanted habits lingering?

4. What parts of my room/house have I been putting off deep cleaning or reorganizing? Am I unhappy with it?

5. What do I feel like I’m wasting my time on?

Whatever pattern you see, create one action step and go from there. Once the cleansing process starts you won’t want to stop as it will feel amazing with each task completed.

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