Wellness Wednesday: Interview with Athletics Strength Coach, Scott Hogan.

On March 23rd, Atlanta's Governor, Keisha Bottoms signed a 14 day stay at home order in respect of the city's well-being. The ripple affect of the novel corona virus has left a vast majority of the population both out of work, and quarantined. In the present state of pandemic, there's no downplaying the seriousness of the matter. Regardless, I am using this time to refocus and reassess my future goals. In my curiosity of how others have preserved balance and structure, this interview was developed. I'd like to offer our readers perspectives from a diverse variety of individuals, to invoke inspiration and encouragement for anyone who may benefit from others' stories.

After a workout session with my personal trainer Scott Hogan, we sat outside and enjoyed a Roseman's Remedies CBD pre-roll and discussed his current situation. He is an intern for Georgia Tech's basketball and volleyball team, who's paid work is done in gym's and close social settings.

K: Tell us a bit about the work you do?

"I’m a certified personal trainer and a strength coach. So I work with both individual clients and in the team sports setting (basketball, volleyball, etc.)"

K: How has COVA19 inhibited your work as an employee in athletics/physical wellness?

"With all athletic events cancelled until further notice, my work as a strength coach has dried up, at least in person. I’ve also had to take extra precautions during my 1-1 and small group training sessions, such as carrying around hand sanitizer and practicing social distancing." K: Where are you focusing your career driven efforts?

"I’m focusing my efforts on projects which had been on my to do list, such as creating annual training plans for 2021 sports, assuming they’re back on by then. I’m also working on building my personal training client base. I’ve put a lot of effort into renovating my home gym so that it can be used while all the big box gyms are closed and beyond."

K: How have you kept yourself busy outside of your training efforts?

"I have been playing the drums every day and I’m even starting to pick up guitar. Beyond that, I’ve watched my fair share of old Olympic sports just to get a taste."

K: How has your social life been impacted?


K: What advice do you have for those in your field / your community?

"Stay strong. Nothing is permanent. We’ll all grow from this and it’s our job to come out of this having learned something. Don’t see this as a negative, try to use the extra time to work on yourself."

K: As a supporter of Roseman's Remedies, what are some of the products you've found useful?

"I love the bath bombs, nothing loosens up a tight back like a hot bath soaking in CBD. The roll on is great for spot treatment!"

K: Give us a song or artist recommendation?!

"Tash Sultana – anything, but if I have to name one, Seven. And the bedroom set of Jungle. Two's ok - right?"

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