Why Grandma Didn't Detox

Juice cleanses, fasting, detox, etc. are all buzz words in today’s health industry…but why is that? When grandma taught us how to sew, clean, and take care of ourselves, why didn’t she include juice cleanses? I’m mostly joking here, as this is a new phenomenon that has been birthed out of modern times.

We can agree, there are myriads of things that need our loving attention in today’s world. Often the last thing on our minds is “detox”, as many of us are just trying to survive and enjoy as much as we can from another day. You likely aren’t thinking of adding something else that seems challenging to your plate.

However, if you’ve struggled with any kind of health condition or have loved ones who have, you know how much it can color every day and every aspect of our lives. We can keep putting bandaids over it (addictions, distractions, short term pleasures) or we can choose to dig deeper for something that will create real change. What if there was a way to paint each day with a new and brighter color?

So here’s the gist, unfortunately Earth is kinda… messy right now. With the rise of industry and science there has been a subsequent rise of pollutants & lifestyle changes that grandma just wasn’t exposed to (though lead paint was definitely a thing). Most of us can’t even leave our house without breathing in a host of car exhaust, artificial air fresheners, toxic oil fumes, etc.

Now let us also recognize, in the last century there has also been an exponential increase in chronic diseases, cancers, mental health disorders, autoimmune disorders, autism, neurological degenerative disorders, etc. Isn’t it worth considering why this is so rapidly increasing besides just “bad genetics” and eating too many hamburgers? Let’s look deeper and see what stressors have increased in our personal lives.

Here are some changes that have happened in the last century:

1. People used to eat real food. Plain and simple. They ate minimally processed recognizable food straight from the local farms or the yard. None of this twinkie-looking, flash frozen, preserved in chemicals nonsense. It was grass-fed dairy and meat, in-season vegetables, whatever fruits grew pretty locally, minimal sugar, real salt (not science experiment processed salt that is in most food now), and very importantly much of the food was fermented for preservation. Because people were eating fermented foods daily they had rich microbial diversity in and on their bodies keeping them strong, healthy, and vital.

2. Antibiotics were invented. Don’t get me wrong, antibiotics can save lives in the case of severe infection. However they also destroy our inner microbial environment. Our miraculous human organisms have been a symbiotic home for microbes since our creation. We would’ve never existed if we didn’t have microbes keeping us in harmony and doing much of our digestion, neurotransmitter production, and detoxification for us. In fact there are about 10 fold more microbial cells in and on our bodies than human cells. Unfortunately, antibiotics are prescribed very casually and now we even get exposed via our food and water supplies.

3. Enter Glyphosate. According to the journal Environmental Science Europe this is the most used pesticide in agriculture. Since it’s introduction in the 1970’s, it is not only used on most conventional food, but very commonly used on many lawns/landscapes and therefore has made it into the water supply and even the water cycle (yes it has been reported to be found in rain water). In 2015 the World Health Organization listed it as “probably carcinogenic to humans” as well as damaging to DNA and chromosomes in human cells. Why this has not been deemed a national emergency… we don’t know, but a hypothesis is simply that this is a billion dollar industry and maintains a lot of power in what is and isn’t allowed.

4. Enter thousands of other untested chemicals. From makeup, to cologne, to cleaning agents, food flavorings, coloring agents, other pesticides, fire retardants, etc. we are all absorbing and ingesting myriads of chemicals daily. Again two or three generations back when grandma was a kid they didn’t deal with most this bologna. Imagine the impact of this two generations into the future. Yikes. If you’re looking to conceive one day or have children you likely want to consider this. Do you trust the chemical industry to look out for your uborn child? Have they proven to you through their actions that they genuinely care?

5. Finally unnatural electromagnetic frequencies. There are many more things I could add to this list, however we’ll stop on this subject. Many of us know cell phones emit radiation yet often don’t acknowledge it. This isn’t just a matter of cell phones however, all electronic devices do (refrigerators, light bulbs, televisions, cell towers, etc.) With more and more people working from home, many are being confronted with how drained they feel from sitting in front of a computer all day- this topic is a big factor in that. This is a biological stressor that is impossible to get away from unless we choose to go live off grid. There are however ways to reduce our exposure.

It isn’t logical to assume this doesn’t at all tax our brains, livers, kidneys, guts, and most importantly our ability to thrive. For me, when I picture a science experiment where rats are exposed to high amounts of chemicals and stressful conditions, it makes sense for the subject to become diseased. It really takes simplifying to this level to understand this.

In the face of all of this however, something we can all have gratitude for is how brilliantly our human systems are designed. All of this craziness is going on and yet we are still able to have billions of people on the planet. We also can acknowledge that we have a miraculous ability to heal, just under the right conditions.

The main point I want to hit home to you is that this stuff affects us. Many people are suffering right now that may simply not be connecting the dots or have the information and encouragement they need to create change. It truly takes courage and having the right tools and information.

If you’ve ever done a significant fast or cleanse, you have viscerally experienced a secret to the universe that many people are just not aware of. The feeling of clarity, vitality, connection, and power you may have experienced is incomparable. If you have a hunch that this is something you want to experience this may be your sign to go for it.

If we want to see change in our world we have to have courage to be the change- to break free from what is “normal". If you take on the challenge to dig deep, and take on your wellbeing in this way, you WILL in turn inspire those around you. As our water and air continues to be polluted, the most radical thing you can do to oppose it is to cleanse and restore your own internal rivers and streams. Caring for yourself allows you the energy to fully and openly be there to care for those around you.






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