Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

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We've partnered with Coastal Green Wellness based out of Myrtle Beach South Carolina to bring you the best and most affordable Full Spectrum tinctures on the market!


  • All of the tinctures have batch tracked lab work, meaning every batch is lab tested and the customers can access it via the QR codes on the bottle.


  • Not only are the final products lab tested but also the flowers and extract prior to formulating the tinctures. So multiple layers of lab work for the safest possible product. 



  • Naturae CBD not only grows but also extracts the hemp used in our product lines.


  • They grow in Albany New York and use CO2 as the solvent for their extraction method. 

  • They grow to USDA Organic standards and are working on their USDA organic stamp for this growing season. In order to be USDA organic, they have to have the same land farmed for 2 years. This is their third growing season so they are in line to apply for this certification. Although they are indeed growing to the standards, we can not label nor claim USDA organic. 


  • They are OK Kosher Certified. 


  • The flower and extracts they are producing are very high in minor cannabinoid profiles.


  • and come from great genetics. I searched the nation for the best lab work possible.


  • Our carrying agent is MCT oil.  USDA Organic and kosher certified Coconut derived MCT oil only!

  • Instructions on use

    Take one dropper to begin with and hold underneath your tongue for 45 seconds- 1 minute. DO NOT TAKE 2 hours before or after any other medications.  Increase dosage as needed. Please allow for up to 2 weeks for the CBD to spread throughout your bloodstream continuously and optimal relief!